Out of the multiple activities of Divine Spark Foundation, the core activities are Past Life Regression, Re-Birthing, Breathwork, Psycho Spiritual Counselling.

Several Workshops and Training Programs are conducted by Divine Spark Foundation all over India, which helps people to achieve "Self-Empowerment through Inner-Transformation".

A system for inner transformation, to remove root cause of illness with the Vibrational Medicine for bringing the vibrational balance!

Center where science and spirituality meet!

Science explores the creation

Spirituality explores the Creator

As per W.H.O definition-Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social, spiritual well-being, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.  ~World Health Organization, 1948

ITo acheive perfect health , we need to understand who we are, how and why do we fall sick and how to restore the perfevt health!!

We are made up of a multi-body system, not just the physical body but also an Emotional Body, Mental Body and Spiritual Body. Things don’t just affect us physically; we are affected on all levels. For example: our thoughts, emotions are affecting our physical body.

Any disease first manifests in the Energy body many years before coming physically.  

All of us have inherent healing abilities and all the healings are self healing!

Good health stems from a free flow of life energy. It is in the area of the blockage where, over time, illnesses occur. Purpose is to clear and balance the energy field to enhance body’s natural healing process.All the holistic modalities of healing  activates unlimited inherent healing power of individuals for attaining a state of absolute balance, ‘homeostasis’, by harmonizing ‘life force’ energy which can heal many of the so called  incurable, chronic, and even critical ailments.

Treatment --Healing ---Transformation

Holistic approach  eases, releases, relieves or removes the cause of the illness which is a dis-eased energy which may be at physical, mental or emotional level

Healing is addressing the root  cause  and transforming it ,  whereas treatment only deals with symptoms or the effect!!

In healings the context changes and in  in treating symptoms the context remains the same.

Transformation happens by --

By knowing and understanding our multidimensionalmagnificent self through meditation , knowledge through right kids of new age books !

Releasing the past blockages through Past Life understanding & Regression Therapy !

keeping the emotional hygeine!

 Core belief reprogramming to create the Life you Love!

Understanding our role as a co-creator with creating our own reality and destiny ,we are always creating, ,even if we do it unconsciously and without awareness.- The Quantum way!

By understanding that we are the creator of our destiny and how do we create our own diseases due to mental worries, intellectual immaturity and lack of spiritual understanding, negative thinking and wrong beleifs, and how to un create them to live a life of wholesomeness with Joy , restoring perfect health and abundance by changing our thought, beliefs and emotions! 

Therefore, if we truly want to change what we are creating we must take responsibility for what we create in every area of our lives.

 We can no longer look outside of ourselves for solutions to problems. The spiritual teachings of the ages are now demonstrated through quantum science.

"To promote the healing response, you must get past all the 

grosser levels of the body — cells, tissues, organs, and systems — and arrive at a junction 
between mind and matter, the point where consciousness actually starts to have an effect." 

Deepak Chopra