Meditation means making the mind empty!

 In meditation, Ana-Apana Sati, our breath flows through the Etheric cord in the spine-SUSHUMNA nadi, which in turn activates our chakras and purifies all the seven associated bodies (aura)

Meditation awakens our Kundalini energy which travels to the “Third eye” and opens it, thus leading to Enlightenment


Benefits of Meditation-

Healing of diseases is immediate

Memory power increases

Wasteful habits die a natural death

Mind stays peaceful and joyful state

Efficiency for work increases

Quality of sleep improves & less sleep is required

Relationships becomes more qualitative and fulfilling

Thought power is tremendously increased

Ability to discriminate what is right and what is wrong sharpens

Purpose of life gets clearer

The “Third-eye “opens through the activation of Kundalini energy system

You can know your past lives and also can travel to future

Contact with the astral masters and with one’s Guru gets possible

Astral travelling

Connection between four quadrants of brain gets balanced

Finally Buddhahood is achieved!!